Beaded Cone Christmas Trees

Beaded Cone Christmas Trees_collage_Handcrafted Parties As I was decorating my house for Christmas this past weekend in aqua and gold with wood and evergreen accents, I stumbled upon a box marked “Christmas Crafts”.  Apparently I was one smart chic last year and stocked up on craft supplies when they were on clearance!  The first thing I spied were these styrofoam cone trees and I immediately knew that I’d pair them with the gorgeous ice + peacock blue $3 beaded garlands I’d just bought at Target.  Are you guilty of buying craft supplies just because you know you’ll eventually use them for “something”?  Yep, me too!

These beaded Christmas tree cones are so simple to make and I love the touch of elegance they bring to my home decor for the holidays.  I think I’ll try gold beads next with gold glitter wrapping paper on the cone base!

Beaded Cone Christmas Trees_Tutorial by Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_top view_Handcrafted Parties

beaded cone trees_supplies_Handcrafted Parties BEADED CONE CHRISTMAS TREES //  Supplies (see list above):  I bought my styrofoam cones at Dollar Tree, beaded garlands are $3 each at Target and cardstock is from Michaels in a mixed paper cardstock pack.  If you need a glue gun, Walmart carries these for under $3.  Even if you don’t have anything on hand, these trees should only cost you about $5 or less each.

beaded cone tree_top of cone_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_top cover_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_trace cone_Handcrafted Parties

beaded cone trees_wrap in paper_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone tree_first row_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_first row_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_first row2_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_rows 2-3_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_ombre beads_Handcrafted Parties Continue wrapping the beaded garland around the cone, gluing a few beads around each row to hold things in place.  When you reach the top edge, glue every bead in place.  Cover the top circle of the cone with hot glue and coil the beads into place.  Press into glue to secure.  For my ombre beaded tree, I found a glittered snowflake pick (on a bamboo skewer) and stuck that down into the cone.  You could also leave it plain, like I did with my smaller ice blue cone.

beaded tree cone_ombre_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_ice blue and peacock_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_Joy glitter garland_Handcrafted Parties beaded cone trees_ombre_Handcrafted Parties You can switch bead colors at any point on the cone if you wish–just cut the string, change colors and begin gluing the new garland next to the previous bead.  I  chose to make this cone two colors of blue, ice blue and peacock, for an ombre effect.  (Truth:  I used my whole peacock blue garland and ran out before I got to the top and I didn’t want to run to the store, so I used the other color I had on hand!  I also made a smaller solid ice blue cone tree with my remaining garland.  I think it was a lucky accident!)

I hope you give this pretty craft project a try and I’d love to see your photos or a link to your blog if you do!

Lisa :)



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