Bonkers for Butternut (squash, that is!)

Hi, my name is Lisa… and I’m addicted to Autumn flavors.  Proof:  my EAT | Autumn Sweet + Savory board on Pinterest, with 1200 recipes and counting.  Obsessed much?

Pinterest_EAT Autumn Sweet Savory board_Lisa Frank I’ve yet to really decorate my house for Fall (#bloggerfail), but my kitchen is stocked right now…butternut squash, brussel sprouts (still on the vine from Trader Joe’s…the coolest!), canned pumpkin, honeycrisp apples, dinosaur kale, and bags of dried cranberries are ready for me to whip up some delicious dishes!  Now I just need to dedicate some time to make it happen.

Unfortunately, my hubby is a hater of all-things-squash…believe me, I’ve tried to sneak it in there, but he is on to me.  He once froze, mid-bite of soup, looked at his spoon and declared, “What is that?!  Did you try to put butternut squash in here??”  Um, no honey, that’s just a carrot.  Fine, more for me I say!

Here are my top butternut squash recipe picks for the Autumn season.  They can all be found on my EAT | Autumn Sweet + Savory Pinterest board.

winter wheatberry power salad_Laurens Latest {winter wheatberry power salad | photo + recipe by Lauren’s Latest}

Pasta & Grains


Soups & Stews

Breakfast (or breakfast for dinner!)

What’s on the Fall-flavored menu tonight?  Chipotle chicken corn chowder from Brown Eyed Baker,  Trader Joe’s cornbread (I’ve tried many versions from scratch, but their dry mix is still my fave!) with pumpkin butter, steamed green beans with slivered almonds, and Barefoot Contessa’s balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, with some diced butternut squash thrown in.

Off to have a date with my kitchen…

Lisa :)

P.S.–I joined Twitter today, bringing me one step closer to getting in the swing of the whole world of social media.  Now I can hashtag it with the rest of you!  If you’d like to follow along, you can follow my tweets by clicking the icon over on the sidebar (Twitter handle:  @lisafrankparty).


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      Oh yes, I’m a fan…and don’t even get my started on my love for pumpkin!! That’s a whole other post…or multiple ones. :) So glad you stopped by, Victoria!


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