{Candy Corn} Parfaits + 3 Healthy Halloween Menus

When it comes to sweet treats, Halloween might just beat out every other holiday when it comes to overindulgence (I’m looking at you, Easter and Valentine’s Day!).  The massive bags of Halloween candy are set out front and center at the grocery store  the day after Labor Day so that we can have a full 2 months to “stock up” (aka: buy bags and snack on them ourselves until we realize that we have to restock for the actual trick-or-treaters! Dang it.)   Luckily, my kids are pretty good about limiting themselves when it comes to candy…we still have a basket of the stuff from our 4th of July parade in the pantry!  But in case your kids are prone to gorge on the sweet stuff this holiday season, I’ve put together 3 healthy Halloween menus + a fruity candy corn parfait recipe that you can feel good about serving to your kids…or to the grown-up kids at heart.

Candy corn_fruit parfaits_title2For Day 3 of Candy Corn Week here on the blog, I present you with a healthy version of candy corn:  a candy corn fruit parfait with honey Greek yogurt.  My kids are always staaaaarving to death after school, so today I’m preparing this festive snack for my 1st grade daughter and not-quite-preschooler son.  Topped with a small squirt of whipped cream and a piece of candy corn, I’m sure it will be a hit!  Distracted by the whipped cream, sprinkles and candy, they’ll barely even notice that I just snuck in 3 kinds of fruit and protein-packed yogurt into their diet.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!  Sneaky mom for the win!

Candy corn_fruit parfaits_titleI feel guilty even calling this a “recipe”.  It’s more like a “minimal assembly required” snack.  Here goes…in a footed mini trifle dish or a glass (these are from a pack of plastic footed glasses from the dollar store) layer the following: sliced pineapple (yellow bottom layer), sliced peaches or mandarin oranges (orange middle layer), sliced pears (white layer) and top with a spoonful of honey Greek yogurt, a squirt of whipped cream, sprinkles and one piece of candy corn.  If you’d like to make these ahead of time, assemble the fruit layers and yogurt, but add the whipped cream, sprinkles and candy just before serving.  For a dairy-free option, use soy yogurt (found in the health food section of most grocery stores, or at Trader Joe’s) and homemade coconut milk whipped cream.

Candy corn_fruit parfaits_collageAnd because packaging and presentation are always part of the fun, I give you candy corn button wooden spoons:  put a dab of hot glue on the back of a wooden spoon near the base of the handle, wrap tightly with baker’s twine and add more glue at the top to secure.  Use hot glue to add small yellow, white and orange buttons.  Aren’t they just the cutest?!  Everything tastes better with party-pretty utensils.

Candy corn_fruit parfait_single

If your family is still hungry after that delicious snack, here are 3 Healthy Halloween Menus that both kids and adults will love (and that you won’t feel guilty feeding to them!)

Spook-a-licious After School Snacks

mummy apples_Marci Coombs_healthy Halloween menus{mummy apples | photo credit + recipe: Marci Coombs}

Mwah-ha-harvelously Healthy Menu for the Kiddos

Mature Menu (for the Kids-at-Heart)

For a masterful lineup of ghoulish food creations, you must see Martha Stewart’s 35 Scream-worthy Savories recipe collection!  The “monster mucus” and “worms in dirt” look a bit TOO realistic for this queasy stomach!  Most of the recipes in the menus above (and more!) can also be found either on my Halloween or EAT | Autumn: Sweet + Savory Pinterest boards.

Lisa :)

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