Christmas Ornament Tags + Burlap Bulletin Board

ornament bulletin board_grid of tags_Handcrafted Parties Have you *seen* the gorgeousness of the blog that is Jones Design Company?  Please tell me you have!  Emily is the creative genius behind the blog, beautiful art prints, and The Blog Class which is on my wishlist to take someday.   I also subscribe to her monthly printables club, JDC Monthly, and she sends me darling printable calendars, menus, grocery lists, scripture cards, note cards and a crafty project or art print each month.  Love that.  But mostly I’m in awe of her decorating style and DIY projects.  Everything she creates is cute and classy, with lots of neutrals and linen and black and white stripes.  (Uh, do I sound blog-stalkerish now?  I prefer to call it more of a blogger crush.  *grin*)

ornament bulletin board_by tree_Handcrafted Parties In yesterday’s post about felt mini stockings and Mason jar toppers, I showed you a glimpse of the woven burlap bulletin board I made that was inspired by Emily.  I took wide burlap ribbon (from Michaels, near the wreath-making supplies) and cut enough strips to cover the board all the way across, both the long side and the short side.  I stapled one end of the strips on the back side of the bulletin board and then took the free-hanging strips on the front side and wove them together in a basketweave pattern (over-under-over-under, like in elementary school).  When the entire bulletin board was covered in the woven strips, I stapled the remaining ends onto the backside.  To finish it off, I bought a couple boxes of gold thumb tacks at the dollar store and pushed them around the perimeter, one by one.  (Why yes, it *did* take a long time!)  Now that I’ve been using it for a year, the edges are getting a bit frayed, but I think that just adds to the charm.  The texture and contrast between the rustic burlap and gold tacks makes it one of my favorite home decor items!

ornament tags bulletin board_supplies_Handcrafted Parties At Christmas time, my woven burlap bulletin board becomes the base for a Christmas Countdown / Advent calendar wall hanging with ornaments and numbered tags.  Emily has a gorgeous tutorial on how she made hers, complete with free printable numbered tags from 1-25 that you can download.  I chose to use the same concept, but I cut my own tags out of cream linen-textured cardstock from the craft store and then stamped the numbers with a foam stamp set.  I pressed the stamps into two metallic ink pads, copper and gold, so that they have a two-tone look.

ornament bulletin board_metallic stamped number tags_Handcrafted Parties ornament bulletin board_dollar store ornaments_Handcrafted Parties

ornament bulletin board_stamped tags_Handcrafted Parties Once your tags are made, lay them out in a grid on your bulletin board.  Select 25 small ornaments or objects to use on your tags–I chose items from the dollar store (all plastic or shatterproof), including glittered berries and poinsettia flowers that I cut off of clusters/bushes from the silk flower section.  If your ornaments already have a ribbon for hanging, then perfect!  If not, simply hot glue a loop of ribbon onto the item.  I used gold thumb tacks from the dollar store to pin one ornament to each tag and push into the bulletin board.  Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than that!  Especially if you print the numbered tags at home, you could have this beautiful wall hanging done in 30 minutes.  It’s one of my favorite DIY Christmas decorations and I truly look forward to displaying it every year.

ornament bulletin board_Handcrafted Parties ornament bulletin board_numbers1to15_Handcrafted Parties ornament bulletin board_close angle_Handcrafted Parties (Keeping it real:  now that I have a blog and my kids see me crafting things and taking pictures, my projects are suddenly way more enticing than in past years when I’d just hang up decorations and be done with it.  Today, before I could get this bulletin board hung on the wall, first my kids decided to use it as a vertical obstacle course for their toy cars and airplanes!  I’ll give them clever points for that one.  Then later on I noticed that my daughter had added a few “extra embellishments” to my project, like a key chain she’d made and some random pieces of yarn and paper and stickers.  Lest you be swayed by the pretty blogger photographs, be assured that things don’t stay “perfectly pretty” for long around here!)

ornament bulletin board_Christmas_Handcrafted Parties If you are inspired by this project and make a version of your own, please share a link to your photos–I’d love to see!

Lisa :)


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      Luckily I’d just purged her room (again), or else her “embellishments” might have been the likes of discarded Barbie doll hair and such. She’s a packrat with a capital P, that girl…all in the name of “recycling”, of course! hahahaha

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