DIY felt flower rosettes for Spring parties

Felt rosettes_stack_Handcrafted PartiesOh, glorious Spring.  I’m so glad you are finally here.  You bring with you promises of fields of beautiful blooming flowers, picnics by the water, and oh-so-many celebrations.  Easter is inching closer and before you know it, May and June will be here and you know what that means…Mother’s Day, graduation, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings and baby showers!  You know you’re going to need a serious stockpile of flowers and gift packaging for all those occasions.

Felt rosette_berry basket1_Handcrafted Parties

Felt rosettes on bottles1_Handcrafted PartiesI first learned to make these felt flowers a few years ago for a baby shower.  I paired them with faux pearls, feathers, ribbon and paper flags and glued the grouping onto a mini clothespin.  When guests arrived at the party, they could select their own flower from a display of branches, write their name and clip it onto their outfit.  They were a big hit and a fashionable way to remember the names of all the guests.  (I’m soooo bad with remembering names, so I love it when name tags are included at parties.  I’m sure I’m not the only one!)

Little Man Mama Glam Baby Shower_flower pins_Handcrafted PartiesYou can use craft felt for this project, but I highly recommend buying a wool blend felt.  You can usually find sheets or yards of wool felt at fabric stores, but my favorite source is Benzie Design on Etsy.  Wool felt is strong, soft and comes in over 100 scrumptious colors.  It costs a bit more, but at 80 cents-$1.00 per sheet, it’s well worth it for the difference in quality.  Renae, the shop owner, is such a sweetheart and provided me with 10 9×12 sheets of felt in different colors about 6 months ago.  You might remember me using that felt for this striped felt picture frame, felt birthday cake with candle, and felt + sequin word garland.  Believe it or not, I *still* have leftovers from that same bundle she sent me!  Talk about bang for your buck.  Enough chit chat, let’s make some flowers!

Felt rosettes_horizontal close_Handcrafted PartiesDIY FELT FLOWER ROSETTES //  Supplies:  felt for flowers and leaves, faux pearls, sharp scissors, hot glue gun, white floral wire

Felt rosettes_supplies_Handcrafted PartiesStart by cutting a 4 inch square (or adjust the size to your liking).  Trim the square into a circle–imperfect is just fine here!  Starting at an outer edge, cut a spiral towards the center of the circle, keeping the width of the cut strip consistent at about 1/2 an inch.  Stop cutting when you are at the center with a 1/2 inch circle left in the middle.

Felt rosettes_spiral cut_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes_step2_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes_step3_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes_step4_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes_step5_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes_step6_Handcrafted PartiesYou can leave the floral wire off if you wish, but if you include it you can do fun things like wrap it around glass bottles for party drinks, or around portion/nut cups for treats or cupcakes.  Twist it around the gathered top of a treat bag, wrap it around a gift tag, or punch two small holes in a piece of cardstock and thread the wires through, then twist on the back side to dress up signs, food tent cards, or labels.

Felt rosettes_bottle with straw_Handcrafted Parties

Felt rosette on cup_Handcrafted PartiesFelt rosettes2_Handcrafted PartiesThese rosettes also look lovely made out of patterned or solid color cardstock.  Simply follow the same instructions, gluing a long floral wire (bent into an 1/2 inch L at the top end) onto the back of the paper rosette if you’d like to create a bouquet or dress up a wreath.  Here’s a great tutorial by Emily at Jones Design Company, if you’d like to see a darling example.

For many more DIY flower craft ideas, please visit my DIY|flower projects and For the love of felt + fabric Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Happy Crafting!

Lisa :)

P.S.– I might be the only one who noticed, but I’m happy to report that I joined the 21st century and finally got a 50mm camera lens!  Up until now, I just had the stock lens that came with my Nikon camera and the limitations of it were so frustrating for someone like me who is trying to learn more about photography.  My old lens couldn’t get the detail shots, couldn’t produce the blurred backgrounds that we all love, and often produced dark shadows at the corners of my photos.  This was my first time using the new lens and, while I have a loooong way to go, I’m so pleased with the new capabilities.  Capturing light!  Getting the blur!  I might just start loving taking pictures again.  :)


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    Lin says

    Adorable!! Love them:)

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      Thanks, Mom! You should try making some of these…they’d look really cute as napkin rings for Easter, or tied around your jam jars for gifts. :)

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    SO cute! We need a craft date to sit around and make these together! :) And, yep! I noticed a difference in the photos. So exciting! xo

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