DIY Glitter Heart Gift Tags

DIY glitter heart gift tags_tutorial at Handcrafted PartiesIt used to be that I only decorated with hearts when Valentine’s Day rolled around, but lately I’ve been inspired by parties (TomKat Studios’ rainbow heart birthday party is perfection!), home decor and even clothing that incorporate hearts as the focus of their designs.  Don’t pack away the hearts once February is over…they’re a fun way to show the love on everyday items, all year ’round!

Glitter heart tags_pink_gold_silver_Handcrafted PartiesI have a love for beautiful packaging and often ooh and aah over all the pretty packaging ideas on Pinterest, but let’s face it…unless it’s the holidays, I usually find myself tucking a present into a gift bag and calling it good.  Quick and easy.  But not always as stylish as I’d like.

DIY glitter heart tags on kraft_Handcrafted Parties These beautiful (and simple!) DIY glitter heart gift tags will easily dress up any gift or party treat.  Using a pad of coated glitter paper means no muss, no fuss and no need to break out the tubes of glitter and Mod Podge.

Glitter rainbow heart tags_Handcrafted PartiesHonestly, it’s the little details that make me giddy and in this case that means handmade hole reinforcements!  I’d had this idea in my head for awhile now.  Hanging tags are my favorite, but they need a little makeover to beat the blahs.  All you need to create your own hole reinforcements is a single hole punch and a 5/8″ circle paper punch!  You can use solid cardstock, glitter paper, metallic paper, patterned scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper for a custom look.

Mini heart tags_kraft-white-black_Handcrafted PartiesWhat to do with these little cuties?

  • tie them onto a gift bag or paper treat sack
  • clip them onto cello bags of sweets
  • write notes on them for your child’s (or sweetheart’s) lunchbox
  • label and organize your office/craft supplies or even bins of kids toys
  • tie one onto a bouquet of flowers or balloons
  • craft up a set of tags to give as a gift or DIY packaging kit

DIY heart gift tags_kraft and white_Handcrafted PartiesOf course, you don’t have to stick with hearts…when it comes to paper punches or die cut machines, the sky’s the limit for the shapes you can choose to decorate these tags!

Glitter heart tags_rainbow candy_Handcrafted PartiesGlitter heart tags_supplies_Handcrafted PartiesDIY GLITTER HEART GIFT TAGS //  Supplies:  cardstock (white, kraft, black or color of choice), glitter paper (I used an American Crafts 6×6 glitter paper pad from Target.  I liked that the sheets were thin, easy to punch, and that the glitter didn’t shed.), paper cutter (not shown), scissors, single hole punch, 5/8 circle punch, mini heart punch, Martha Stewart heart punch, glue or glue stick, large and mini manilla tags to use as templates–optional (I found both sizes at Staples).

Glitter heart tags_cut paper_Handcrafted PartiesSTEP 1 // Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut your cardstock into tag sizes.  I used the dimensions of store-bought manilla tags:  large tags are 4 3/4 x 2 3/8 and mini tags are 2 3/4 x 1 3/8 inches.  If you cut the large tags lengthwise from a sheet of 8.5×11 paper, you can get 6 large tags and 4 small tags from one sheet, as shown above.

Glitter heart tags_template_Handcrafted PartiesSTEP 2 // Using a manilla tag as a template (or just eyeballing it), cut off the corners of each tag at an angle and punch a single hole at the top.

Glitter heart tags_heart confetti_Handcrafted PartiesSTEP 3 // Go crazy punching hearts!

Glitter heart tags_DIY hole reinforcements_Handcrafted Parties

STEP 4 // Time to make DIY hole reinforcements…eeek, so cool!  (Yes, I’m geeking out.) Using a single hole punch, punch a hole approx. 1/2 inch in from the edge of your paper.  Next, flip your 5/8″ circle punch upside down so you can see where you will be cutting and center the punch around the single hole.  Punch away, creating one hole reinforcement for each tag.  See how cool and simple that was?!

Glitter heart tags_kraft_Handcrafted PartiesSTEP 5 // Glue punched pieces into place using Elmer’s glue or a glue stick.  For the hole reinforcements, either apply glue stick to the back of the circle and then place onto the tag, or run a thin bead of glue around the hole on the tag and then place the circle on top if you’re using Elmer’s.

Handmade glitter heart tags_kraft_Handcrafted PartiesGlitter heart tags_circle_Handcrafted PartiesThese tags look fabulous in rainbow colors, gold and silver, or neutrals.  For the black tags, you can write on them with a fine tip chalk marker , white gel pen, or metallic Sharpie pen.

Glitter heart tags_kraft-white-black-gold_Handcrafted PartiesHearts aren’t the only thing I have up my sleeve…I made a striped version as well!  Stay tuned for that tutorial coming up.


Lisa :)


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    Christine says

    LOVE these, buddy! The black/kraft/gold are impeccable, and the bright glittery colors with the matching paper straws and gumballs?! SUPER cute! Great job. :) xoxo

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      Thank you so much, buddy! Wow, “impeccable” huh? I’m blushing. :) These were super fun to put together, I kind of couldn’t stop myself…so now I have large and mini sets in all the colors in white, black and kraft. Stripes are up next! I should send you some…I bet you could use some happy mail. :)

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        Sooo, when can we expect a new post? :) It’s been a while!

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