DIY Glitter Turkey Treat Pails for Thanksgiving

Glitter turkey treat potsAre you looking for a special DIY craft project, perhaps one that your kids or grandkids can help create, that will look elegant and fabulous on your Thanksgiving table?  (You know, perhaps one that doesn’t *look* like your kids made it?)  Well, today is your lucky day.  These mini glittered turkey treat pails are an easy project to add a little glitz and glam to either a kids table setting, use for a party favor, or as a decoration on your buffet at the big meal.  You can use them simply as a decorative element, or fill the pail with candy, popcorn or crayons for kids to entertain themselves…which of course means precious time for adults to attempt to have conversations longer than a sentence or two.  :)  If you don’t have time to complete the entire project, these pails look pretty darn cute just as glittered mini pumpkins, too.

Glitter turkey treat pots_title

Glitter turkey treat pots_suppliesHere are the supplies you will need:

mini printable feather template  {Laura’s Crafty Life} …use the small size template.
turkey head silhouette template  {Easy Paper Crafts}
pencil + scissors
Mod Podge + foam brush
mini plastic pumpkin pail (handle removed) or baby food size glass jar (emptied and cleaned if you want an open pail, otherwise you can glitter the entire thing)
glitter (I used a chunky orange glitter from Michaels)
scrap piece of paper and waxed paper
hot glue gun

Glitter turkey pots_step1Step 1: Lay out a scrap piece of paper (or waxed paper) that has been creased down the middle and then opened flat.  Remove the plastic handle from the mini plastic pumpkin.  Use a foam brush to coat the outside of the pumpkin (or jar of baby food, including the lid) with a somewhat thick layer of Mod Podge and then immediately coat with glitter, making sure you have good coverage.  Tip: I found the easiest way to hold the pumpkin while doing this step was to stick a few fingers inside the pumpkin pail and then spread my fingers out like a tripod…that way I could stabilize the pumpkin and turn it at the same time.

When you are finished, your little pail should look like this.  I think it’s rather beautiful as is!  No more ugly little plastic pumpkin–glitter makes everything better!

Glitter mini pumpkin pot_title1Step 2: Using the printable templates, trace and cut out one turkey head silhouette and 5-6 small turkey feathers per treat pail.  Fold each feather in half, cut slits/fringe at a 45 degree angle down both sides of the feather, leaving the center crease intact.  Leave approx. 1/2 inch at the base of each feather uncut for attaching to the pumpkin/jar.

Step 3:  Apply Mod Podge with a foam brush to the tips of each feather and both sides of the wattle on the turkey head.  Allow to dry.  (Turkey wattle = that red hangy-down thingy!  And yes, I just had to Google “turkey head parts” to figure that out!  Hahaha.  You’d think as a former elementary school teacher I should have known that semi-useless fact!) 

Glitter turkey pot_pieces Step 4: Fold a small crease at the base of the turkey’s neck, approx. 1/4 inch wide.  Apply a line of hot glue to the folded section and press flat onto the glittered mini pumpkin or jar.

Step 5:  Apply hot glue to the base of each feather and, starting from the middle, glue feathers to the back of the pumpkin/jar, overlapping and angling each feather as you move your way outwards.  I ended up using one each of the plum, rust, mustard and peacock blue feathers and two of the chocolate brown feathers.  After the feathers are glued, gently bend each feather backwards a bit and shape them into place.

Glitter turkey treat pots_close

Glitter turkey treat pots_closeup Glitter turkey treat pots_closeup2Come on now, how stinkin’ cute are those?!!  Who would have thought that a few scraps of paper, some glitter and a plastic pumpkin could turn into something so sparkly and fun?  I made these for my two kids to enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner this year, but I’m kind of wishing that the rest of the cousins were going to be there so that I had an excuse to make more!  When the light hits the chunky glitter, there are little sparkles of light that bounce everywhere, like a mini disco ball.  I can just imagine how they’ll glow in the candlelight.

There’s more DIY feather decor and glitter coming your way, so come back and visit tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make glittered paper feathers that can be used for a garland, place cards, and party favor or Thanksgiving leftovers packaging.


Lisa :)

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    Thank you for linking to my website, I appreciate the mention. Who knew a turkey head could bring traffic to my site :) Love your thanksgiving project. It really looks good.



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