Glittered Paper Straw Monograms + Ornaments

“Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m an addict…I’m addicted to paper straws.”  Seriously.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?  In my craft room, I have an entire shelf that’s dedicated to my straw collection.  Yup.  But you know what?  There are so many awesome styles and colors I don’t even have yet!!  See, problem.

glittered paper straw monograms and ornaments_Handcrafted Parties As much as I’d love to hoard all my pretty straws and save them only for holidays and parties, the reality is…I just don’t throw that many parties.  So what’s the next best thing?  Crafting, of course.  If I make pretty things out of my straws, then I can put them on display and continue savoring their cuteness.  Win, win.

I’ve seen lots of cute paper straw snowflakes and wreaths floating around Pinterest, so I wanted to be a little different and give it my own twist.  What did I come up with? Paper straws + monograms + shape silhouettes + glitter = AWESOME.  Oh yes.

The paper straw monograms make darling gift toppers(oh, hello you delicious mint Oreo truffles!  This cutie went to my daughter’s teacher from last year.)

glittered paper straw monogram_gift topper_Handcrafted Parties or place cards for a special party (you could do number silhouettes for birthdays or anniversaries!)

glittered paper straw monogram_place card_Handcrafted Parties or decor to place on your desk or in a bedroom…  (this one went to my daughter’s teacher this year, along with some cuuuute office supplies from the Target dollar spot!)

glittered paper straw monogram_desk decor_Handcrafted Parties   In addition to monograms, shape silhouettes are also a fun and whimsical choice.  To decorate my kids’ Christmas trees, I made a Santa hat and a star. paper straw monograms and ornaments on rack_Handcrafted Parties The monograms are my absolute favorite, but these black and gold glittered star and bowtie silhouettes with matching glittered straw treat sticks are the perfect inspiration for New Year’s Eve, whether you’re celebrating at a glam party or at home with kids!

glittered paper straw ornaments for New Years Eve_Handcrafted Parties All of these ornaments are really quite simple to create with just a shape template, straws, glue and glitter.  If you use a low temp glue gun, they’d be fun for kids to create as well.  Each ornament takes about 10 minutes to create, plus drying time for the glitter.  The glittered treat sticks take only a few minutes…and just look how darling!  For my tray of treats, I filled the bottom of mini cupcake liners with white sprinkles, topped with a “bare” Oreo truffle, and pushed the straw straight down into the truffle.  Metallic gold liners would also look awesome here.

paper straw ornaments and glittered treat sticks_Handcrafted Parties Here’s how to make your own paper straw ornaments.  This same technique can be followed to make any basic shape, letter or number.  My monogram ornaments were created with a template I created by printing each letter in Rockwell font at 350 pt size.  The shape silhouettes were made by doing a Google (or Pinterest) search for “_____ silhouette” or “_____ template”.  Here is the bowtie template I used.  I copied and pasted the image into a Word document and shrunk it down to about 4 inches across.

paper straw ornaments_supplies_Handcrafted Parties paper straw ornament_tutorial step1_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step2_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step3_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornament_tutorial step3b_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step4_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step4b_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step5_Handcrafted Parties

paper straw ornaments_tutorial step6_Handcrafted Parties Use hot glue to attach a loop of ribbon or twine to the back side of your ornament, or glue on two strips of ribbon/twine if you’d like to tie it onto an object.

glittered paper straw ornaments for New Years_Handcrafted Parties glittered straw treat sticks_Handcrafted To make the glittered straw treat sticks, simply cut your straws to desired length (I cut mine in half, but they also look really dramatic if left full length).  Brush the top inch (or more) of each straw with glue (I used Mod Podge and a foam brush) and then sprinkle with glitter.  Set aside on waxed paper to dry.  When ready to use, simply insert into your food item for display.  You could also use full length glittered straws for festive cocktail stir sticks–either leave a space unglittered at the top for drinking, or glue a sparkly pom pom on top so your guests know the straws are just for stirring.

Enjoy + happy crafting!

Lisa :)


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    alli says

    “Glitter…it hides a multitude of sins!” So funny! So true! You are so creative! I want to come to your next party. :)
    P.S. Love the Holiday Greetings :)

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    Omgosh these are SO cute!!! Thanks for visiting A Bubbly Life- I can say Lisa Frank commented on my unicorn post ;)
    Anyhow, I thought I did recognize your picture- and realized I follow you on Pinterest (great party pins!) I did not realize you had your own blog- awesome!!!
    Laurel (@abubblylife) recently posted…DIY Unicorn Glitter ShakerMy Profile

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      Hi Laurel, I’m so glad you stopped by! It’s always so fun to “meet” people on the blog who’ve come over from Pinterest…such a great community.

      The straw ornaments are quite fun to make…and so easy to switch up for the holidays! Valentine straw hearts, anyone?

      Lisa :)

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