Holiday Cocktails for Christmas + New Year’s

Holiday cocktails_recipe round-up_Handcrafted Parties Growing up, my family was always big on holiday traditions.  We celebrate and open presents on Christmas Eve and open stockings during a special breakfast on Christmas morning.  Christmas Eve always started by getting dressed up in a new Christmas outfit and heading downstairs for our traditional Swedish Christmas dinner, including Swedish meatballs (think Ikea, only 1000 times yummier), homemade spaetzel (mini pasta), Swedish lefse (a potato-based tortilla that you spread with butter and jam and roll up like a crepe), green beans in a herb-butter sauce, and something fabulous for dessert.  But before dinner started, my parents always chose a special drink (flavored champagne for them, sparkling apple cider for us…and we even got to drink from real champagne flutes like the grown-ups!) to sip as we sat by the Christmas tree and read the Christmas story from the Bible.  Then we got to pick out one small present from under the tree to open before the night’s festivities began.  Those remain some of my most treasured holiday memories, and ones that I want to pass down to my own children.

For the past couple of years we’ve been lucky to have my husband’s parents fly out from Ohio to stay with us for 2 weeks around Christmas time.  They love to spoil the kids with love and attention and my husband and I love the bits of child-free time to get extra projects done around the house or go out for a rare date!  This year will be extra special, as my sister-in-law and her husband and two kids will be coming from Cincinnati to visit for a week…it will be quite a full house!  I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the chaos.  :)

Raspberry Pomegranate Cocktail_Heather Christo {photo + recipe by Heather Christo}

In anticipation of the holidays and New Year’s Eve soon after that, I’ve gathered my favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic holiday cocktail recipes.  I’m pretty sure that Heather Christo’s Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail with Raspberry Sorbet (shown above) is going to be our family’s signature holiday cocktail this year, with a sparkling juice version for the kids and those who wish to not drink alcohol.  Garnished with stripey paper straws and perhaps a few sugared cranberries on a sprig of rosemary, it’s super festive and fun!  (Although, when I showed my son the Cranberry Rosemary Refresher cocktail photo below he said, “But mom, I don’t want to drink things with GRASS in them.  Can you make mine without grass, please?”  Hahaha!  Sure, buddy.  Grass free for you.)   At some point during the holidays, hot mulled wine is sure to make an appearance on my stove as well–I can smell the mulling spices and orange drifting through my home already.

20 Holiday Cocktails_Handcrafted Parties

Hot mulled wine  {Gimme Some Oven}…can be made in the slow cooker/Crockpot

Holiday Cocktails:  Alcoholic

  Non-Alcoholic Cocktails_Handcrafted Parties

Cranberry rosemary refresher  {Photo + recipe:  For the Love of Food Blog}…fun, festive + healthy all at the same time!

Holiday Cocktails: Non-alcoholic

Enjoy your holiday preparations and don’t forget to grab a festive drink, kick your feet up and snuggle in close to those you love during this busy time of year.

Lisa :)


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    Christine says

    Oh I so could have gone for one of these last night after the party (from the first list ;))! Great round up, buddy!

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