Mini Ornament Wreaths + Gift Packaging

Mini ornament wreaths_on tree_Handcrafted Parties This morning we awoke to quite the surprise…a winter wonderland outside!  Living in Portland, we rarely see the white stuff.  In fact, I don’t think we had a single day of snow all last year.  Secret Confession:  I’m not much of a snow lover.  Perhaps I’m a snow diva?  I like it when it suits my mood–aka, when I can be inside sipping hot cocoa with a holiday movie playing in the background and baking up Christmas goodies.  When I don’t have to leave the warmth of my house.  But when I have to walk two little kids to school in snow and 20 degrees + wind chill, the “winter wonderland” aspect dries up pretty quickly for me.  Perhaps some people love the whole wind burned cheeks and frozen nose hairs thing, but it’s just not my deal.  :)

My kids, of course, were over the moon excited.  My 4 year old son saw the snow and instantly proclaimed, “It’s Christmas!!”  (Yes, we all wish!) 

Mini ornament wreath_Handcrafted Parties Speaking of Christmas, have you started your shopping?  I love to gather gifts starting a few months in advance, when inspiration strikes or when I come across a great deal.  I’ve started thinking about stocking stuffers for Christmas morning and special packaging for all those holiday sweets and treats I’m going to be making.

Today’s project is a quick, simple and inexpensive one–and we can all use more of those kinds of ideas during the busy holiday season!  I’ll show you how to transform items from Target’s $1 section into mini ornament wreaths for your tree, to use as napkin rings, or to dress up a bottle of bubbly for your next party or hostess gift.  Using the same technique, you can also create a custom gift box handle to dress up your holiday packages.

Mini ornament gift handle_Handcrafted Parties SUPPLIES //  tubes of mini shatterproof Christmas ornaments (I think mine from Target contained about 15 ornaments per tube), wired tinsel ribbon (Walmart), gift box with handle, scissors  (Ornaments and gift box shown are from the Target $1 spot.  Walmart and Dollar Tree both have good selections of very similar items.)

MINI ORNAMENT GIFT BOX HANDLE //   If your gift box already has a handle, remove it.  (Mine came with a ribbon, which I cut off.)  If your gift box does not have a handle, use a single hole punch or scissors to create a hole, one on each side of your box.

Mini ornament gift handle_step1_Handcrafted Parties Cut a 12″ piece of wired tinsel ribbon.  Set out 9-10 mini ornaments.  Thread the tinsel ribbon through the hole in the top of each ornament.  Slide ornaments across the wired ribbon so they’re evenly spaced, with approx. 2 inches of bare ribbon at each end.  Thread one end of the ribbon through the hole in the gift box until there is approx. 1-1.5 inches inside the box.  Twist the wired ribbon in a spiral, flat against the side of the box.  This will hold the ribbon in place.  Repeat on the other side.

Mini ornament gift handle_step2_Handcrafted Parties Mini ornament gift handle_step3_Handcrafted Parties Mini ornament gift handle_step4_Handcrafted Parties Ta-da!  A festive, custom gift handle for any box or bag!  Now fill with your friends’ favorite goodies and you’ll be all ready to surprise them during the holidays.  Starbucks for the win.  (By the way, have you tried the new Starbucks Mocha flavored coffee beans?  Paired with peppermint mocha coffee creamer, it’s my new favorite!)  Perfect for a teacher, neighbor or work colleagues.

Mini ornament gift handle_Handcrafted Parties

MINI ORNAMENT WREATHS // Using the same technique as above, cut your wired ribbon and thread on your ornaments.  Twist the two ends of the wired ribbon together, overlapping approx. 3/4 of an inch.  Slide and re-adjust your ornaments to create even spacing.  Well now, that was quick and easy!  These look great as tree decorations (see above…on my $3 gold tinsel tree in a distressed aqua metal bucket, both from Target’s $1 section…that place gets me every time!),

as a place card for holiday meals…

Mini ornament wreath_plate decor_Handcrafted Parties as napkin rings…

Mini ornament wreath_napkin ring_Handcrafted Parties or as a bottle topper for wine, sparkling cider or champagne!

Mini ornament wreath_bottle topper_Handcrafted Parties What are your favorite tips and tricks for inexpensive holiday decorating and gift packaging?  I’d love to hear!

Lisa :)


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    Dana says

    I love these ideas ! And they are easy enough that I could do them, even though I have no free time. If only I could find those supplies in London…

    • 2


      Thanks, Sis! Yep, they’re super easy to assemble and you could even make them in 5-minute “all-I-want-is-to-fully-accomplish-one-thing-today” spurts of mommy time. :) You can use any small ornaments and any wired ribbon that would fit through the ornament hole–perhaps order via Amazon? Are there Target-type stores over there that ship? I’d bring you some if I could!

      Love and miss you!
      Lisa :)

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