{Party Feature} Yee Haw, it’s a Farm Party!

Farm Party_Food Table Display_Lia Griffith

Yee Haw and welcome to the farm!  I am so thrilled that Kara’s Party Ideas featured my farm party this week and would love for you to pop on over and take a peek!  Her post includes lots of pictures and if you’re curious about all the behind-the-scenes info and DIY party details, you’ve come to the right place.  Here ya go…

When it comes to a casual party full of engaging activities and darling details, it’s hard to beat a party on the farm.  My talented and sweet friend Lia Griffith and I teamed up once again to create a party that had a classic feel, with vintage touches and a color palette of teal, orange and grey for a twist on the traditional.   We set up the party at my parents’ house near the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon.  They have an amazing 7 acres of property, including a (formerly functional) dairy barn and a working horse stable and barn, so it was the perfect setting on a warm summer evening.

Farm Party_Haybale Horse Photo Booth_Lia Griffith Farm Party_HayRide_Lia Griffith Farm Party_Craft Table_Lia Griffith Farm Party_Dining Table Details_Lia Griffith

My children, their cousins and friends had an absolute blast playing all the games that Lia dreamed up, including riding horses in the corral (well, of the stuffed variety anyways), wagon hayrides, felt horseshoes, pin the tail on the donkey (it was magnetic!!), finger puppets for acting out scenes with the animals, and a haybale stick horse photo booth.  After the kids had gotten some energy out (or in my kids’ case, “getting their energy out” just breeds more energy…), they settled in at the dining table we had set up in front of the corral.

The dining table featured snacks to get them started…Lia’s printable bandana paper cones filled with popcorn, ceramic berry baskets of fruit, and mini wooden crates ($1 from Michaels) that I painted teal and filled with raffia “hay nests” and a mini cup of speckled popcorn-flavored jelly beans to resemble chicken eggs.  We served the kids almond milk (great option for kids with dairy allergies) in mini Weck juice jars from Crate & Barrel, decorated with a printable label, a paper straw tied on with raffia, and a mini straw hat on top (from Hobby Lobby–you can now order online!).

Farm Party_picket fence food trays_Lia Griffith

Since nobody can live on popcorn and jelly beans alone (although my kids would surely try, if given the chance!), I created a food table full of goodies to nourish them.  For all of my parties, I try to avoid a desserts-only spread and instead create a balanced menu that includes fruit, vegetables, protein, carbs, and a few sweets.  All of the food for this party was either homemade or easily assembled with store-bought ingredients and none if it will break the bank!  Since this was a kids party, I got clever with my food displays and names…you know those ideas you have at midnight when you’re lying awake?  This time they worked out just like I imagined!  The menu included:

  • PB & J sandwiches wrapped in brown parchment paper and printable papers
  • a “chicken coop” tray for deviled eggs
  • an “out to pasture” tray of mini peat pots lined with waxed paper and filled with fresh veggies
  • a cutting board with red grapes, colby cheese slices and a celery stalk in the shape of a sunflower
  • orange polka dot paper cups  filled with pretzel stick “hay”
  • a “feed lot” tray with cake haybales (pound cake + vanilla frosting + toasted coconut + Twizzlers licorice strip)
  • a “pig sty” tray with dirt pudding cups (store bought chocolate pudding + crushed Oreo cookies)
  • “corn on the cob” treats in DIY mini haybales (Follow the Rice Krispies recipe, but substitute Honey Kix cereal and use your hand to mold into a corn cob shape.  I lined the back of Lia’s printable corn husk wrapper with clear Contact paper before wrapping it around the cobs so that it wouldn’t get greasy or stick.)

There were so many darling DIY projects in this party, but my favorites included these items I made for the food display table:

  • yarn-wrapped giant paper mache letter (from Joann’s) tied with homemade pom poms
  • Yee Haw banner: teal burlap bunting with orange felt and gingham fabric letters, hand-stitched with orange embroidery thread
  • handpainted orange and grey wooden barn (bought as unfinished wood from Michael’s)
  • white picket fence trays ($1 square unfinished wood frames with  29 cent fence pieces from Michael’s hot glued to the perimeter, then lined with felt and/or raffia)
  • DIY mini haybales (rectangle blocks of floral foam from the dollar store, wrapped in raffia and tied with jute twine)
  • homemade milk bottle sugar cookies with a powdered sugar and milk glaze, displayed in cello bags with Lia’s printable paper wraps and paper, clipped onto a homemade chicken wire and wood frame
  • DIY paper flower bouquet: I created flowers using coffee filters, crepe paper streamers, cardstock, tissue paper and yarn for an eclectic and casual feel

Want to see more?  Lia featured photos and tutorials on her site that you should definitely check out:

Farm Party_Craft Table_Lia Griffith

Come back and visit this week to see tutorials for DIY gingham woven crepe paper placemats and DIY cupcake liner flowers that I used to decorate the craft table!
I love to share ideas and inspiration, so if you have any questions about sources or DIY projects from this party, please leave me a comment and I’ll get right back to you.

Lisa :)

All photos in this post are credited to Lia Griffith and used with written permission.


  1. 1

    Al & Ann Penner says

    Lisa, What a talent you have been given and you are sooo creative and for you to have these parties is just so amazing. Just think how many children you are filling their hearts with joy and fun. Blessings on you and wishing you all the best.

  2. 3

    Kathy says

    I’m elated you can finally share your creative talent with the world! Congrautulations on this new adventure. I’ve had the privilige to enjoy your creative party ideas for many years now and I love your attention to the smallest detail. It’s those details that make a party wonderful!

  3. 5

    bonnie KNopf says

    The most gifted … talented person I have ever met.
    You have personally enriched my life by doing some of our events.
    You do them with class and style.

    No one like you Lisa.

    I am your biggest fan!


    • 8


      Hi Abby, I’m so glad you are here! The blog has more tweaks coming, but I’m happy with it so far. Isn’t the logo fun? A friend of a friend does hand-lettering and designed it custom for me! I broke down and hired someone to install it for me…I’m definitely not enough of a techie girl to pull that off. :)

      I’m doing a party and tutorials for your buddies at Shop Sweet Lulu in 2 weeks…so excited!!

  4. 10

    Dana says

    You never cease to amaze me! Congrats on your fabulous website. The farm party is great & I especially love those adorable little birds nests!

    And I too have been fortunate enough to be at the receiving end of one of Lisa’s incredible parties. I am a lucky girl!!

    • 11


      Aww, thanks Sis! The little bird nest wooden crates were one of my faves, too. It’s always been a pleasure to design parties for you because you’re so appreciative…now you just need to move back home so I can do it more often! :)

  5. 12


    What a cute party! I’m finally visiting your blog. I can stalk you here as well as on Pinterest ;)

    I think it is so awesome that you have launched. I have so many ideas, but I have a hard time sticking my feet into the water, and I’m certainly not the type to jump right in.

    • 13


      Hi Heather–I’m so glad you popped on over for a visit!

      I mostly took the plunge with the blog because a few opportunities opened up to me, including one with Shop Sweet Lulu which will go live in a week or so, and I have a billion fun ideas that I can’t wait to share. I will admit, though, that technology is not my forte and using WordPress has been a huge learning curve. I’m also trying to learn more about my camera at the same time, so the whole “let’s throw a post up on the blog” thing takes me a good 2+ hours! I’m sure I’ll get faster as I learn more, but it’s a lot more time consuming during the day than I anticipated. I’m also used to doing all my crafting at night when the kids are in bed, so having to craft and photograph a tutorial during the day is a schedule I’m still trying to work out. :)

    • 15


      Hahaha, Lia you are so right with the birthing metaphor! It’s quite true. Make us forget the work and stress quickly…so that we can move on to the next party! :)


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