Snowman Party: Menu, Decor, Games + Crafts

“Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a corn cop pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal…”  Are you singing along with me yet?   The fact that my car is covered in a thick layer of frost every morning continually reminds me that Autumn has hung up her hat (sniff!) and that Old Man Winter is here to stay for awhile.

Snowman Party_collage_Handcrafted Parties

I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold, but I DO love the holidays and all the merriment and celebration they bring, so it doesn’t take much for me to have an excuse to think of party ideas!  A snowman party is such a versatile theme for the winter because it can be used in December thru February…or even longer if you live in the East or Midwest, since they practically have snow until Spring!  Christmas time is such a busy season and often it’s hard to schedule a party on top of all the other events, so give yourself a break and schedule it for later!  If you start planning and brainstorming now, you can take advantage of all the post-Christmas sales and scoop up snow-related party decor for next to nothing.

Today I’m busting out my Virtual Party Planner self and sharing some of the cutest ideas I’ve seen for a snowman party.  I’ve got you covered, from FREE printables to matching tableware, DIY party decorations, crafts and games, party favors, and an all-white snowman themed menu for your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Snowman Party_ice cream jars_Handcrafted Parties {build an ice cream snowman recipe + free printable tags from Two Shades of Pink}…this idea makes me squeal with delight–oh, the cuteness!

 Snowy Party Decor + Table Setting

The Snowman_book by Raymond Briggs  The Snowman, a book (and movie) by Raymond Briggs…have you seen this wordless picture book?  It’s darling!  One of my faves when I was teaching.

The Snowman book-inspired party activities

Snowman Bowling

snowman bowling with yarn-wrapped bowling pins  {Photo by Uncommon Designs}…if you don’t have bowling pins, use 1-liter plastic bottles or coffee creamer bottles

Snowman Games + Crafts

Snowman Party_Handcrafted Parties

snowman pizza and dough recipe  {Photo + recipe by Delia Creates}

All-White Snowman Themed Menu


lunch or dinner…


All this talk of snow has me inspired!  Too bad I live in the Pacific Northwest and we’re lucky to see a skiff of snow once a year…at which time the whole city panics and promptly shuts down.  hee hee    If you also live in a place that rarely sees the white stuff, stay tuned!  This week I’ll be sharing more Snowman Party favors, including a DIY craft idea for a No-Melt Snowman Kit that kids are sure to love!

Lisa :)



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