Thanksgiving Menu: Breads, Rolls + Stuffing

Thanksgiving menu_bread-rolls-stuffing_Title CollageI don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving is my favorite time to indulge in all things carb.  (Well, and desserts, duh.)  I easily could load up my plate with breads, rolls, stuffing and gravy and call it a day.  This year for the holiday, my family is going to be trying out some vegan and gluten free options, so I’ve included some ideas in today’s recipe round-up.

And of course, what good is bread without something buttery to melt into every nook and cranny, so I’ve included a list of both sweet and savory butters to pair with your baked goods.  The great thing about flavored butters (also known as compound butters) is that they can be mixed up ahead of time, shaped into a log, wrapped in parchment paper and frozen until you need them!  Let’s face it, once Thanksgiving Day rolls around, you’re going to have 20 bajillion other things on your to-do list, so having this ready will save you time and impress your family and friends with that go-the-extra-mile special little touch.  Now let’s dig in!


Double bread stuffing with brown butter, bacon and sage  {Photo + recipe by: How Sweet It Is}

Thanksgiving Menu:  Stuffing/Dressing + Savory Bread Pudding

Thanksgiving_breads-rolls_Photo-by-AFarmgirlsDabblesPumpkin biscuits with candied ginger  {Photo + recipe by: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles}

Thanksgiving Menu: Breads + Rolls

Thanskgiving_breads-rolls_photo-by-Our-Best-Bitesmaple cinnamon butter  {Photo + recipe by Our Best Bites}

Sweet + Savory Flavored Butters

Thanksgiving menu_gluten free breads_Photo-by-Me-Redone

gluten-free bread  {Photo + recipe by Me, Redone}

Thanksgiving Menu: Gluten-free Breads + Muffins

Whew, that was quite the recipe round-up!  I think I’m about ready to break out my comfy pants.  And I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it. 

I hope you’ll join me on Friday for our next Thanksgiving menu focusing on vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Lisa :)

I hope you are enjoying this Thanksgiving Menu mini-series!  There’s even more where that came from…

Thanksgiving Menu: Appetizers + Cocktails

Thanksgiving Menu: Potato + Squash Side Dishes

You can also follow my Thanksgiving Pinterest board as I continue to add recipes, decor ideas, printables and kids crafts.


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      Thank you, Rebecca! I’ve really been enjoying these round-ups…although I’m not sure if it’s making it easier or harder to narrow down my list. I keep discovering delicious new options! :) I’m so glad you stopped by.

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