Washi Tape Gift Bags…in 5 minutes or less

washi tape gift bags_Handcrafted Parties I just love it when those ideas that swirl around in my head end up looking even better in reality!  These days, as the countdown to Christmas looms near (we celebrate on Christmas Eve, so just under 2 weeks to go!), we could all use a good trick to have up our sleeve for quick, easy and CUTE gift packaging.  I created candy cane stripe, French ticking stripe, diagonal stripe and gingham washi tape gift bags which work perfectly for Christmas, but with a simple change of the washi tape pattern or color of bag, they can be used all year round as well.

washi tape gift bag_French stripe_Handcrafted Parties Yesterday I finished buying the stocking stuffers for my kids and their cousins, who will be our house guests for Christmas this year.  They obviously aren’t bringing their stockings with them, so an alternate packaging idea was needed.  Gift bags!  I don’t know about you, but I always recycle mine when I’m gifted them, so I have a giant stash.  I just happened to have four white paper bags with handles (easily found at Target, Walmart or any craft store for under a dollar), which I dressed up with washi tape.  Add a quick homemade tag and my “stockings” were ready to stuff in under 5 minutes!

washi tape gift bag_diagonal stripe_Handcrafted Parties WASHI TAPE GIFT BAGS //   Supplies:  paper gift bag, washi tape, and scissors     Process:  Lay your bag flat on a hard surface.  Unroll your washi tape and place long strips on your bag in desired pattern, leaving a 1/2 inch overhang of tape on each end of each strip.  This helps keep your bag in place as you complete your design.  After you place each strip, rub your fingers over the washi tape a couple times to make sure the tape is secure.  (Some brands of washi tape are more adhesive than others.)  When your design is finished, carefully peel the bag off the hard surface and use scissors to trim off excess washi tape.  Be careful to cut close to the edge, but not into the bag.

washi tape gift bag_step1_Handcrafted Parties

washi tape gift bag_step2_Handcrafted Parties

washi tape gift bag_step3_Handcrafted Parties washi tape gift bag_stocking stuffers_Handcrafted Parties

washi tape gift bags2_Handcrafted Parties MONOGRAM TAG //   Supplies: cardstock (I used kraft), letter stickers  (mine were felt scrapbooking stickers: Thickers by American Crafts), mini hole punch, and baker’s twine    Process:  Cut your cardstock into a rectangle, or use the large flag punch by EK Success.  Place a sticker of the first initial of your recipient onto the tag.  Punch a small hole at the top of the tag, string with baker’s twine and tie onto one of the bag’s handles.  I used these same tags yesterday for my wrapped hot cocoa cups, if you’d like to see another cute way to use them!  The wrapped cups are also a great gift package option for small treats or a gift card.

washi tape gift bag_gingham_Handcrafted Parties Where to buy washi tape:  Target (in the office supply section), craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, art stores (Collage here in Portland has a great selection), or order it online from scrapbooking stores like Two Peas in a Bucket or Scrapboook.comEtsy also has a ton of suppliers (but be careful to note where the store is located…it could be shipping from China or Japan and take a very long time to arrive!). Pretty Tape is very popular on Etsy and has a large selection.  Once you start collecting washi tape, it’s hard to stop…the colors, the patterns, it’s just all so cute!  I’d be oh so happy if this skinny rainbow set ended up in my stocking.  Hint, hint.

washi tape gift bags_4 patterns_Handcrafted Parties For more creative ideas using washi tape for gift packaging and more, please visit my Pinterest board:  For the love of washi tape…

Now how easy was that?!  A completely custom bag for about a dollar, in 5 minutes.  Talk about a holiday timesaver!

Lisa :)


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